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Single Column Bar

Logo Only
Social Icons
Custom Content
Multiple Content
Opt In Form
Twitter Feeds
Posts Title Feeds
RSS Feeds
Countdown Timer
Video Popup
Search Form
Custom Html

Two Column Bar

Icon & Static Content
Icons & Multiple Content
Icons & Opt In Form
Icons & Twitter Feeds
Icons & RSS Feeds
Icons & Post title Feeds
Icons & Countdown Timer
Icons & Video Popup
Icons & Search Form
Logo & Optin Form
Logo & Social Icons
Logo & Static Content
Logo & Multiple Content
Logo & Post Feeds

Three Column Bar

Logo, Icons & Static Content
Logo, Icons & Multiple Content
Logo, Icons & Subscribe Form
Logo, Icons & Twitter Feeds
Logo, Icons & RSS Feeds
Logo, Icons & Post Feeds
Logo, Icons & Countdown Timer
Logo, Icons & Video popup
Logo, Icons & Search Form

Notification Bar With CountDown Timer Layouts

Countdown timer Layout 1
Countdown timer Layout 2
Countdown timer Layout 3
Countdown timer Layout 4
Countdown timer Layout 5
Countdown timer Layout 6

Notification Bar With Search Form Layouts

Search Form Layout 1
Search Form Layout 2
Search Form Layout 3
Search Form Layout 4
Search Form Layout 5

Notification Bar With Video Layouts

Notification Bar with Video Layout 1
Notification Bar With Video Layout 2
Notification Bar with Video Layout 3
Notification Bar with Video Layout 4